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Workshop & Repair - Assembly & Servicing

Thumpstar provides a variety of accessories for both Pit Bikes and Dirt Bikes. Some of these are Plastic Kits, Fuel Caps, Graphics, Dress-up Kits and Cam Covers. To learn more, watch the information video below. Start customizing your bike now.
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Assembly and Servicing

All Thumpstar motorcycles come in steel crates covered with cardboard. Please follow the Thumpstar instruction manual which is included with each bike or can be downloaded on the product page.


Thumpstar recommends using a forklift. If a forklift is unavailable, then a minimum of 2 adults can move the motorcycle in the steel crate using the grab handles at each end.


Thumpstar motorcycles come 95% assembled. Front wheel, handlebars, and rear shock will need assembled. Some models will require front forks to be assembled.

Assembly time:

Allow around 1 to 2 hours for assembly, checking and testing.
(Image of bike in crate)
(Image bike removed cardboard)

For safety and warranty reasons, a qualified motorcycle mechanic will be required to assemble your new Thumpstar.

From Thumpstar Instruction Manual: “Always have a Qualified Mechanic Assemble Your New Motorcycle.”

“Purchasing a motorcycle in the crate without being assembled by a Thumpstar Authorized Dealer or qualified mechanic will void the warranty.”

Assembling ATV 70

Assembling TSK 50

Assembling ATV 125

Assembling ATV Genuine Thumpstar

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