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Database for each Thumpstar bike, dirt bike, and engine.

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Thumpstar Version 5

Thumpstar TSK 110-C

Thumpstar TSB 110-C

Thumpstar TSB 125-C

Thumpstar TSX 125-C

Thumpstar TSX 140-C

Thumpstar TSX 190-C

Thumpstar TSR 190-C

Thumpstar ATV

Thumpstar ATV 70cc

Thumpstar ATV 125cc

Thumpstar ATV 250cc

Thumpstar Motocross

Thumpstar MX 50cc

Thumpstar MX 85cc

Thumpstar Version 4 and Below

Thumpstar TSK 50cc / TSK 70cc

Thumpstar TSK 110cc E

Thumpstar TSB 70cc

Thumpstar TSB 110cc

Thumpstar TSB 125cc

Thumpstar TSC 125-C

Thumpstar TSX 125cc SW

Thumpstar TSX 140cc BW

Thumpstar TSX 230cc

Thumpstar TSR 125cc

Thumpstar TSR 180cc

Engine Database

Engine - Thumpstar KXD 50cc

Engine - Thumpstar Fenghong 70cc

Engine - Thumpstar Fenghong 110cc - Kick

Engine - Thumpstar Fenghong 125cc

Engine - Thumpstar Yin Xiang 125cc

Engine - Thumpstar Yin Xiang 140cc

Engine - Thumpstar Loncin 70cc [ATV]

Engine - Thumpstar Loncin 250cc [ATV]

Engine - Thumpstar TY 230

Engine - Thumpstar Zongshen 110cc - Electric

Engine - Thumpstar Zongshen 125cc [ATV]

Engine - Thumpstar Zongshen 190cc

Engine - Daytona 190cc

Graphic Templates

2019 Cross 50cc

2019 Mini 70cc

2019 Cross 85cc

110 - 190 Stealth

2019 Stealth

2020 ATV 70cc

2020 ATV 125cc

2020 ATV 250cc

2020 MX 50cc

2020 MX 85cc

2020 TSK 50cc / 2020 TSK 70cc / 2020 TSB 70cc / TSC 125cc

2020 TSX 230cc

Spoke Diagram

Thumpstar Spoke

Pipebomb Exhaust
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