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Thumpstar is committed to its customers, and that commitment extends beyond the track. In the unlikely event that a problem arises with your Thumpstar Dirt Bike, please reference the warranty information detailed below.

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Thumpstar Limited Warranty Guide

Limited Warranty Coverage

All New Thumpstar Motorcycles:

– 90 Day Limited Engine / Transmission Warranty (Parts Only)

– 90 Day Limited Vehicle Warranty (Parts Only)

– 90 Day Limited Parts and Labor Warranty (Negotiated with Dealer)

Damage caused by the following is not covered under warranty

Unavoidable natural disasters, fire, collision, theft, improper storage or transportation, negligence of the periodic maintenance, improper use, repair, adjustment or maintenance, using the product as a rental vehicle or for commercial use, unauthorized modification made to the product, operation of the vehicle when it is overheating, or installing performance parts or components on the vehicle that change the original engineering. The Limited Warranty does not cover damage caused by or resulting from any other reason besides a manufacturer’s defect.

Warranty Terms & Conditions

The Limited Warranty starts from the date of purchase of the new dirt bike product by the customer. Thumpstar will cover PARTS AND FREIGHT ONLY. Thumpstar does not cover the labor required to remove or repair the vehicle or part for warranty repair or replacement (unless otherwise negotiated).

Purchasing a Vehicle in the Crate Without Setup by a Thumpstar Authorized Dealer Voids the Limited Warranty.

Limited Warranty Is Not Transferable and Is Valid for the Original Purchaser Only.

Warranty Claims

All warranty claims must be accompanied with the following information and attachments:

– Picture of the dirt bike

– Picture of the problem

– Picture of the VIN number

– Engine faults require a picture of the engine number

– Description of the problem

Warranty Labor Charges

Thumpstar does not cover the labor costs required to repair any product. The dealer is responsible for any and all labor charges incurred to make repairs on defective and/or replacement parts from Thumpstar. In some cases, replacement parts may have to be shipped from overseas and can take up to 8 weeks for delivery.

You can claim warranty by clicking HERE.

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