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Thumpstar Dirt Bike Overview

Thumpstar has many Dirt Bike models for customers to choose from. Any motorcycle that can be used off road is generally considered a Dirt Bike but because there are many types of riding conditions. Each Thumpstar model is designed differently and for different age ranges. Generally speaking all Thumpstar models, 190cc and under riders can use as a Pit Bike. To make it easier for customers buying online, Thumpstar has decided to break down our models. Thumpstar will explain the main purpose of each Thumpstar model and point the buyers in the right direction.

Dirt Bike Definition

A motorcycle designed for use off-road on rough terrain, such as un surfaced roads or tracks.

Thumpstar Dirtbike
Thumpstar TSR160cc

Thumpstar TSR 160cc

To the left is the Thumpstar 160cc, the main purpose of this model is for Pit Bike racing on closed course tracks but it is also a great bike for Teenagers and Adults. With a 870mm seat height and 160cc motor its smaller than a full sized 250 or 450cc bike, so if your a shorter adult rider, teenager or just do not feel comfortable on a full sized dirt bike then the 160cc is a perfect option for you.


To the right is the TSB 70cc which is designed as a Kids Motorbike. The TSB 70cc has a seat height of around 600mm and is an affordable model for kids to learn on. This model is used by die hard pitbike riders, who prefer the smaller 10inch wheels and lower cc. TSB 70cc similar size and specs to the Honda CRF50. The CRF50 is the orginal pit bike which makes this size popular today.

Thumpstar TSB70cc
Thumpstar TSK110cc


TSK 110 is competition for the CRF 110, TTR 110 and DRZ 110. All which are kids motorcycle but many customers use these bikes as Pit Bikes. Usually the customer will need to buy many upgrades for their 110 to make it suitable for adults but the TSK 110 already comes standard with bigger footpegs, higher bars and after market exhaust. Luckily these changes do not affect kids using the TSK 110 as a dirt bike.