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Thumpstar Pit bike

Thumpstar is one of the first companies in the world to design and manufacture Pit Bikes.

Pit Bikes

The craze originated in the early 2000s when riders would buy CRF50s, install bigger engines and stronger suspension and race them on the weekends. Updating was expensive and time-consuming, so Thumpstar decided to manufacture Pit Bikes so riders could get a new bike designed for adults right out of the box.

Today, Thumpstar has a full range of Dirt Bikes from kids 50cc to full-sized 250cc, used for all types of riding conditions. Thumpstar's most popular Pit Bike is the TSB 125-C. This model has been around for a long time and is popular because of its price tag and having a 125cc engine, which is much more powerful than the original 50cc that started Pit Bikes.

Thumpstar makes it easy to buy a Pit Bike through an authorized dealer.

Definition of a Pit Bike

A small kids motorcycle with an upgraded suspension and engine for adult use.

Kids Pit Bike

Kids Pit Bike

Beginner Pit Bike

Beginner's Pit Bike

Definition of a Mid-Size Pit Bike

Bigger size than the classic 50cc and uses 14/12 or 17/14 wheel sizes, usually 110cc to 190cc.

All around Pit Bike

All-Around Pit Bike

Racing Pit Bike

Racing Pit Bike
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