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TSK 110 1st Image
TSK 110 1st Image
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We've done an overhaul on a few of our bikes with the new line-up, and the TSK110 wasn't left out.

The new TSK 110-C is gearing up in style with all the looks of the bigger motocross bikes but designed for kids, beginner riders, and we all know experienced adults also love riding this model. The TSK 110-C has a seat height of 720mm and a 4-speed semi-automatic gearbox, which are similar specifications to its competitors (TTR110, CRF110, KLX110, DRZ110). Your little ones will feel all laughter and smiles. Highlighted with special features including Chartreuse Plastics, Stripe Gripper Seat, and AK-7 Alloy Rim, this bike allows your teens to have fun and enjoy their new motorcycle. Although it has an electric start, the TSK 110-C is still optioned with a kickstart.

The TSK 110-C has received a complete overhaul for Version 5. Gone are the days of facing struggles of dealing with issues that are common on many other minibikes. We have gone back to the drawing board and scratch built a New Frame, Airbox, Linkage Suspension, Hubs and Rims, and much more. This has not only allowed our bikes to become stronger and more reliable but also gives the rider peace of mind knowing no detail has been left untouched.

Our design team has produced a piece of engineering art. The frames are a new Quad Bar, which has made them stronger than ever. Along with the frame developments, we made space and rigged them with mounts to accommodate our new caged airboxes. This allows a better air filtration system while increasing airflow into the carburetor, and in turn, more horsepower. A first on pit bikes and minibikes alike, we have scaled down the linkage from the likes of a full-size race bike and fitted it to these smaller sized 110s. The linkage provides a much smoother ride than traditional PDS style suspension, which allows for faster cornering, high and low-speed adjustments, and increased rider comfort. We have redesigned our hubs and created space for a much heavier duty 20mm rear axle, coupled with stainless spokes and alloy rims, which provide our strongest wheels to date. Check out our description video and the following spec lists to see these upgrades!

Latest V5 Model


Thumpstar Tri-Bar Chassis

With developments in chassis strengthening and design, Thumpstar’s new Tri-Bar Frame allows the bike to feel more solid under foot while allowing the bike to perform with greater agility and comfort than ever before. Additions to the frame allow the header pipe to be re-routed under the frame, reducing the likeliness of pipe burns to the legs, include removable footpeg mounts, which can be easily replaced and allow the kickstand to be removed for racing, and a reinforced adjustable steering stop. The new frame is also capable of housing the new Thumpstar airbox but it is not yet a stock option.


AK7 Wheels

We’ve redesigned and strengthened our AK7 wheels to give you the comfort of knowing buckled rims and loose spokes are a thing of the past. The cast aluminum hub has been changed to run a 6-bolt sprocket and 4-bolt disc while moving to a 20mm axle that allows for oversized wheel bearings. We’ve swapped those stretch-prone steel spokes for anti-stretch and snap-resistant stainless spokes. And lastly, the rims have been upgraded to top-of-the-line aluminum alloy.


VS1 Front Forks

Our new line of VS1 front forks provides a plush yet stable ride through all those bumps, ruts, and jumps. Improved outers coupled with our reliable valving lets the front end have a settled movement while allowing greater front wheel feedback, keeping the fork to be rigid while handling bigger impacts.


Pipe Bomb 2.0 head pipe

A redesigned frame came with requirements for a new exhaust header. The new Pipe Bomb 2.0 head pipe from Thumpstar allows exhaust gasses to expand, cool, and ramp back up at a higher velocity when exiting. This results in a greater bottom and low-end response while keeping the tuning in check for the top end.


Swingarm and Linkage developments

The new TSX bikes have received yet another significant upgrade, which brings performance closer to that of full-size motorcycles, rear linkage. Rather than traditionally attaching the shock to the top of the swingarm, we have scaled and applied linkage shared with the likes of full-size race bikes to attach to the bottom of the swingarm. This improves handling in the rear and completely changes the riding experience of these bikes.


Zongshen 110

Giving you the thump you need to get off the line and the punch that gets you out of the gate. Precision engineering from Zongshen delivers a reliable and strong engine package that consistently gets the job done.


One of our most exciting developments for 2020 was the design and production of our very own airboxes for the TSX and the TSB. Advances in 3D modeling and printing have allowed us to give you a system that provides much better air filtration with a dual-layer filter while increasing airflow to the engine. The airbox prevents harmful particles from entering your engine where traditional minibike foam filters would typically fail.

Waterproof Electronics

All of our new bikes come equipped with redesigned looms and electronics. We have done away with single flimsy wires and connectors and replaced them with heavy-duty multi-core wiring and sturdy connectors. Accompanied by waterproof plugs and electronics such as the Revking CDI, Rectifier, and Coil, makes this is a far superior package to any of the competition.

Rear Axle

We have increased our rear axle to 20mm and made it hollow, then heat treated it, which makes it a similar weight to the 15mm axle but much stronger. Finally, made it a Lockheed design so only need one 30mm spanner for removal.


Our new footpegs have been made 56mm wide, the same as aftermarket motocross 250/450 footpegs, for better grip and rider comfort. We used high-quality stainless steel material for strength and to look fresh for years to come, finished off with perfectly fitting springs.


tsk110 Brands

Product Packaging

Pitbike Assembly & Servicing


Engine Zongshen | 4 Stroke
CC Rating 110cc
Gearbox Semi-Automatic | Centrifugal Clutch | 4 speed (N1234)
Starter Kick/Electric Start
Carburetion Molkt VM22 26mm
Exhaust Pipe Bomb DW1 38mm Exhaust System
Final Drive PSC 6-Bolt Sprocket | 428 HD Chain
Top Speed 90kph/55mph (depending on gearing)
Suspension Front VS1 Adjustable Forks | Length 700mm | 45/48mm
Suspension Rear VS1 Linkage U Shock | Length Adj 330mm (+10mm -10mm)
Brakes Front 220mm Disc | HSK Dual Piston
Brakes Rear 190mm Disc | HSK Single Piston
Wheel & Tire Front 7075 Alloy Rim | 70/100-14
Wheel & Tire Rear 7075 Alloy Rim w/ Rim Lock | Stainless Spoke| 80/100-12
Wheelbase (axle to axle) 1230mm | 48.5"
Seat Height 750mm | 29.5" (+10mm -10mm)
Product Weight N.W | G.W 80/90 kg | 176/198 lbs.
Tank Capacity 3.4 Liters | .9 Gallon
Product Packing Size 1420 x 430 x 640mm | .40m3

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